The concept of green buildings has been promoted by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) since long. The sun is the ultimate source of energy on earth and solar power is form of energy harnessed from the power of sun rays.

GO SOLAR GRID LIMITED is established in 2014 with thorough technical knowledge and experience backed again by recruiting highly experienced and professional personnel working for a long time in the same field. We have strong knowledge for Systems Management and Quality Control. We believe in Quality and Proper delivery system of products as per Customer's satisfaction. We are working with I.S.O. 9001:2008 systems since from the begining which will put us a head of our competitors and present market players. GSG is dedicated to provide reliable products to customers through the ontinuous development and investment in our R and D centre. The total quality system has been audited and approved by globally respected companies.

Mission Statement And Corporate Vision:
GSG working every way to support development, production and delivery of clean energy. Our efforts cover the entire energy supply chain. We manage power knowledge, market trends and know-how with our customers privacy to earn trusted relationship.

Power to the People:
GSG provides the best solar power system in India by using solar hybrid PCU , grid tied PCU and off-grid PCU with high quality components like spv panels and batteries to ensure best performance. GSG designs and assembles LED bulbs to suit customers requirements with BRAND NAME  - "Go LED"